Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven-Point Story Structure

At the Q&A Panel I mentioned the Seven-Point Story Structure by Dan Wells. Below are the seven points (aka my notes from the Writing Excuses Podcast), as well as a link to the podcast and the five-part video for the structure.

  • Hook: Set up who the characters are and what their starting state is; this should be the opposite state of the Resolution.
  • Plot Turn I: The call to adventure; kicks off the story.
  • Pinch I: Put pressure on the characters; exert pressure to force action.
  • Midpoint: The characters move from reaction to action; the characters are sick of running and make a plan.
  • Pinch II: Really put the pressure on the characters; make the situation as dire as possible.
  • Plot Turn II: Where the characters get the last piece of info they need to save the day.
  • Resolution: The characters go and do, resolving the story (either with a win or loss).

These won't be the only key points in your story, but it's a start to help you get down your major plot points.

You can find the 19-minute Writing Excuses Podcast here, and below is the first of the five-part videos on YouTube. Enjoy and happy plotting!

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